About WTFV

WTFV stands for “Watch the fine video”.

I have seen so many people making their own life difficult because they won’t read the manuals. And then complaining that these stupid computers won’t do what they want them to do. IT people usually tell them to RTFM. But that does not seem to work. Normal people don’t want to read the manuals. That’s why I’m saying: WTFV!

In this blog I’m gonna post videos mostly about using computer programs and how to save time and money and do thing faster and make your life easier. I wanna show useful tips for ordinary people (or dumb users). If you’re an IT person or computer geek, then my tips may seem obvious for you. But you can share my videos with your technologically oblivious friends.

Sometimes I may post how-to videos also for advanced users. And sometimes maybe some funny and WTF videos too.

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